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Grand California Motorhome

Grand California Motorhome now in the UK.

The completely new motorhome is based on the Crafter. It comes complete with a bathroom and large sleeping area in the rear, and will be available with a high bunk bed for children.

The new model was launched internationally in February 2019 in the UK.

The cabinet trim in the Grand California is white, creating a bright, spacious atmosphere. This is boosted by the pop-open camper windows at the back and on the sides, and large skylights above the double bed in the rear and the living area. All camper windows are fitted with cassette blinds and fly screens, and there’s a new blackout concept for the driver’s cab.

Further standard features could include external lighting above the sliding door. An electrically powered step, which moves out in front of the sliding door, makes getting in and out easy, while a two-part mosquito net in the door is also set to be part of the standard specification. One innovative feature is the option to control the loudspeakers in the living area using Bluetooth; this makes it possible to listen to music independently of the infotainment system using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Grand California is fitted with swivel seats at the front and a double bench seat in the living area. Families with small children will appreciate the Isofix anchor points complete with top tether in the rear bench seat.

A large dining table provides ample space for four people to sit down to eat together. The kitchen fittings include a pull-out 70-litre fridge with freezer compartment, a twin-hob gas cooker, a sink, pull-out storage compartments and tip-up shelves.

Bathroom sets this model apart

One feature that sets the Grand California apart from the T6 California is its bathroom. In addition to a toilet and shower, it has a fold-out wash basin, shelves with holders for toiletries, towel holders, a skylight for ventilation and a cupboard with integrated toilet paper holder to make sure the paper remains dry. There are no light switches in the bathroom – the lights come on automatically via motion detectors.

The standard gas heating can be expanded as a heating system to run on gas- or diesel-generated electric power. There will also be a solar panel system mounted on the roof, a satellite TV dish and a wi-fi router.

In addition, the Grand California will be available with the Crafter’s driver assistance and infotainment systems. The driver assistance systems include front assist with city emergency braking, lane assist, blind spot monitor for changing lane, rear traffic alert for reversing out of parking spaces and park assist for steering into them.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will offer the new model with front-wheel drive as standard and 4MOTION all-wheel drive as an option, and a newly developed camper high roof has been aerodynamically shaped to avoid any negative effects on fuel consumption.


For additional information on layout and interior highlights call Laine Watts on 01732 667176 or complete the form below and when there is more information available we’ll be in touch.

SMG Tonbridge VW

SMG VW Custom Interiors in Tonbridge

Southern Motor Group (Tonbridge) have an in house dedicated ‘Custom Interiors’ department offering all aspects of Volkswagen vans and VW kombi van personalised load area conversions.

SMG can supply and fit:

  • Racking
  • Bulkheads
  • Ply lining
  • Load area carpet lining
  • Cab area carpet lining
  • Insulation
  • Dead-locks
  • Slam-locks
  • Bespoke units
  • Tow bars

Anything is possible!

Put your ideas into practice, we can help you design and sketch bespoke interiors to your unique layout and in keeping with the Volkswagen brand to suit your budget.

Contact the sales team on 01732 667044 or visit our website for more information.

Volkswagen Transporter celebrates 60 years in the UK

Iconic model makes landmark milestone

It’s been 60 years since the first right-hand-drive Transporter arrived in the country for the 1954 Earls Court Commercial Vehicles Show.

Since then the vehicle’s gone through five generations and helped millions of people build their business dreams or go on the road trip of a lifetime.

Sales figures have increased substantially since it first came to the UK. Only 786 units were sold in 1954, but a record-breaking 18,350 of this multi-talented vehicle were sold in 2013. Global production numbers have now reached 11.5 million.

Back to the start

The idea for the first Transporter, the T1, went from drawing board to production in just 13 months – a timeframe that’s unheard of these days. The T1 quickly became the benchmark for its class as a commercial panel van, pick-up and minibus, but the vehicle remained on the market for 17 years.

The blueprint was so good, its underpinnings barely changed for the T2 when it went on sale in 1967. The rear-engined layout also continued to the T3, which was launched in 1979.

Things changed for the T4’s launch in 1990: it was now a front-engined, front-wheel-drive model that raised the standards for the class in terms of refinement and quality.

The T5 did it again in 2003. More technology, larger load space and an extensive range has made the Transporter the leading model in the light commercial vehicles market.