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The Diesel Scrappage Scheme is Back

Get up to £2,000 off a new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle with Volkswagen’s Diesel Scrappage Scheme.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched an attractive scrappage scheme encouraging the exchange of the latest generation, lower-emission new vehicles, in tandem with the removal of older, Euro 1-4 emissions standards vehicles from the UK. It offers owners of older diesel vehicles up to £2,000 off the price of a new model, in addition to any existing offers.

The scheme is available to owners of EU1 to EU4 diesel vehicles registered before 1st January 2010. You can trade in your existing vehicles for almost any EU6 diesel or petrol model in our range. Your new order must be placed from 1st September to 31st December 2017 and the vehicles must be registered by 31st March.

Contact the sales team on 01732 667044 for more information.

*The scrappage scheme support is only available for retail sales. You must have owned the vehicle for at least six months. Vehicles do not have to be Volkswagen or commercial vehicles; all makes and models are accepted as long as they meet the qualifying criteria. The Volkswagen California, Amarok and Transporter Sportline are not included in this scheme. 18’s and over. Terms and conditions apply.

SMG Tonbridge VW

SMG VW Custom Interiors in Tonbridge

Southern Motor Group (Tonbridge) have an in house dedicated ‘Custom Interiors’ department offering all aspects of Volkswagen vans and VW kombi van personalised load area conversions.

SMG can supply and fit:

  • Racking
  • Bulkheads
  • Ply lining
  • Load area carpet lining
  • Cab area carpet lining
  • Insulation
  • Dead-locks
  • Slam-locks
  • Bespoke units
  • Tow bars

Anything is possible!

Put your ideas into practice, we can help you design and sketch bespoke interiors to your unique layout and in keeping with the Volkswagen brand to suit your budget.

Contact the sales team on 01732 667044 or visit our website for more information.

Volkswagen Transporter celebrates 60 years in the UK

Iconic model makes landmark milestone

It’s been 60 years since the first right-hand-drive Transporter arrived in the country for the 1954 Earls Court Commercial Vehicles Show.

Since then the vehicle’s gone through five generations and helped millions of people build their business dreams or go on the road trip of a lifetime.

Sales figures have increased substantially since it first came to the UK. Only 786 units were sold in 1954, but a record-breaking 18,350 of this multi-talented vehicle were sold in 2013. Global production numbers have now reached 11.5 million.

Back to the start

The idea for the first Transporter, the T1, went from drawing board to production in just 13 months – a timeframe that’s unheard of these days. The T1 quickly became the benchmark for its class as a commercial panel van, pick-up and minibus, but the vehicle remained on the market for 17 years.

The blueprint was so good, its underpinnings barely changed for the T2 when it went on sale in 1967. The rear-engined layout also continued to the T3, which was launched in 1979.

Things changed for the T4’s launch in 1990: it was now a front-engined, front-wheel-drive model that raised the standards for the class in terms of refinement and quality.

The T5 did it again in 2003. More technology, larger load space and an extensive range has made the Transporter the leading model in the light commercial vehicles market.